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When a central vacuum system doesn’t perform as well as it once did, dirt, pet hair, and other allergens remain trapped in carpeting or on the floor. Homeowners often dismiss the option of having their system inspected and repaired. Instead they struggle with other portable vacuums and cleaning items to pick up what the central vacuum missed.

If your central vacuum system isn’t providing you with optimal performance, contact us today and save yourself time, frustration, and money. Long Island-based Central Vacuum has over 30 years’ experience repairing all major brands of vacuums. Quite often a new part, unclogging a pipe, or regular servicing is all that is required to restore peak performance and reliable service for many years.

Long Island Central Vacuum Repair has the professionalism, knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose any and all problems with your central vacuum system. Next we will make all necessary repairs for an economical and affordable price. Conveniently located on Long Island and serving all of Nassau and Suffolk County, as well as Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, Central Vacuum Repair ensures that your central vacuum system is efficiently and quickly repaired.

With a strong focus on customer service, proficiency and efficiency in our repairs, we work hard to ensure your vacuum keeps working hard!

If you think your system has a central vacuum clog, call us to schedule central vacuum service in Long Island.

We can also perform vacuum installation in Long Island and the surrounding area.

Central vacuum systems are ideal in houses of all sizes, but sometimes they become clogged or broken and stop working as well as they once did. If your system seems sluggish, you should contact our Long Island central vacuum service experts. The odds are good that dirt, pet hair, or other small pieces of debris have caused a central vacuum clog. This is not usually difficult to fix! You will either have to pay for an affordably priced replacement part or for the labor involved in unclogging your central vacuum’s pipe. We are confident that our technicians will be able to repair your system perfectly! You can trust our years of experience and our tradition of customer satisfaction.

In addition to repairing central vacuums, we also perform vacuum installation in Long Island the surround region. If you have been thinking about investing in one of these systems, but haven’t yet done so, allow us to come to your home to do a consultation. The specialist who visits you will be able to teach you about all of the central vacuum options that are available to you and will be able to provide you with a quote. If you decide to buy a central vacuum for your house, we hope you will allow us to do the installation and service your new system for years into the future.