6189117730_acd962093aIf you depend on vacuuming to clean your home, there are two main methods of getting it done that you can explore: using central vacuums and portable ones. On the surface, getting the portable ones seems like a great deal. They are much cheaper than the central ones, and the fact that they are portable might make them attractive as well. When you dig deeper, however, you find that the central vacuum systems are actually a much better deal. Granted, they are expensive, with the average cost of one in the range of $2,000 to $6,000 depending on the features you want it to have. However, this is usually money well spent, and in the long term you may even end up saving more by using the central vacuum system. Some of the advantages they have over the portable units include:

Less noise

Portable vacuum cleaners are usually associated with a lot of noise. When used regularly, this has the potential to do a lot of long term damage to you and your household members. For instance, exposure to vacuum cleaner noise on a regular basis could lead to premature hearing loss. It may also increase your levels of stress, and will generally reduce your quality of life. Noise can also irritate pets, particularly dogs. Central systems are usually designed such that the unit generating the noise is located in a far away location, such as the basement. You can also spend a little bit more money on a high end unit that has noise suppression technologies, and even buy mufflers to cut down on the noise even more. The upshot is that you will be able to regularly vacuum the home with barely a whisper from the unit, and you will avoid all the problems above.

Ease of use

Using portable vacuum cleaners can be quite a hassle. You have to pick the unit up, find an outlet and then plug it in. Some of them are designed so that you will have to stoop to use them, which can make you have back pain if you do this regularly. They can also be heavy to move around, particularly for the elderly. These are problems that are not encountered with the central ones. All you have to do is plug in the hose, and do the cleaning. Some of them even have retractable hoses in each of the inlets, so that you don’t have to move anything around to vacuum the home. You also need not worry about dealing with power cords, having to regularly empty the bag and having to replace filters so often. Maintenance is also much easier with the central systems. The only regular maintenance you might need to do is change of filters. Overall, however, you will spend much less on a high quality central vacuum system compared to a portable one.

They are healthier

Multiple factors contribute to making central vacuum systems healthier. These include: • They have more powerful suction compared to portable vacuum cleaners. They can therefore get rid of everything from particles of dust to relatively large bits of dust that portable cleaners may not be able to suction. • They can be gotten with HEPA filters. They can then get rid of even the tiniest particles of dirt form the air. • They are less prone to leakage. When properly installed and maintained, you will never have to deal with leakage. • They have capacious dirt containers. Emptying the vacuum cleaner bag usually exposes you to small quantities of dirt which you may inhale. Since the central systems have large containers, you will need to empty them less often, reducing your exposure to the dirt.

They are more versatile

Your portable vacuum cleaner is only useful for one thing: cleaning the carpet and floor. With a bit of creativity, you can also use it to clean furniture but this may not be very effective. The central vacuum systems can be equipped with accessories to make them effective in cleaning other surfaces including furniture. You can even use them to brush your pets’ fur with the correct attachments.

It adds value to your home

Is it likely that you will want to rent out or sell your home in future? Or simply use it as collateral for a loan or mortgage? Something as simple as installing a central vacuum system can make a huge difference by adding value to your home. As is evident, there is a lot that you can benefit from by simply installing this system in your home. Of course, getting all the above benefits is a function of the quality of installation. You should therefore always make a point of not only insisting on qualified staff doing the job, but also ensuring that you use vacuum systems that are made by notable manufacturers.