Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you considering purchasing a Central Vacuum System, I’m sure you have allot of questions. Here at Priced Rite Central Vacuum Repair Specialist we have put together some information to help you along the way. There is a whole host of information dealing with the subject. You may be looking for information about repairs, installation, or just some general information about how a Central Vac System works. Here we answer some of those questions, but due to the depth of the subject there may be more you want to know. We can help you with that too. But first browse our Central Vacuum System FAQ.

A central vacuum is a system set up withing your home that allows you to do all of your vacuuming without carrying around a heavy portable standard type vacuum. It also keeps the air in your house exceptionally more clean by carrying all dirt, dust and debris to a central out of the way location such as your basement or garage. With the standard portable vacuum you are essentially just throwing half or more of all those allergens right back into the air. Even the most high end regular vacs can not compare in cleaning power and air quality control. With a Central Vacuum System there are receptacles located at key points throughout the house. You simply plug into the receptacle with your hose and vac end to use the system. The hoses for a central vac are very light in weight which eliminates the burden of toting a heavy standard vac around the house and up and down the stairs. Receptacle inlets can be positioned just about anywhere you like and you can keep a hose end handy in each part of the house so you don’t even have to tote that around. The hose ends are much less expensive than a regular unit and require less storage space, so it is more economical than just buying a regular vacuum for each area of the house. Central vac does not require an electrical cord for the hose end so no more fighting with the cord while cleaning up either. The central vacuum system runs off of a main unit that is centrally located out of the way inside the hose. Tubing is then run to different points throughout your home to each inlet. you plug in your hose at the inlet and everything you vacuum up travels through the tubing and into the central unit. There are no switches or buttons to turn the system on, just plug your hose in and it automatically powers up. The main unit is much larger and more powerful than found in a standard vacuum, which means more suction and less frequent emptying of the bag or canister. There are many advantages to having a central vacuum installed in your home. You can find that information as well as some other interesting facts on the subject right here on this site. Take a look around and if you have any questions when your done, feel free to contact us. A central vac specialist from Priced Rite Vacuum Repair be happy to answer all of your questions or provide you with our professional Priced Rite service.
Aside from the obvious benefits of having a Central Vacuum System installed in your home, there are many that you might not have considered. Here we will discuss those benefits in order to give you a clear picture of the many reasons why a Central Vacuum is better than what you are using now. The benefits range from convenience to health issues and quality of living. After learning about what you can gain by installing a system, the decision becomes quite easy. Lets jump right in and talk about some of the benefits you will receive from owning a central vacuum system. First lets talk about convenience. We all know what a chore it can be to drag a regular vacuum around the house. Especially if you have a two story home. It’s real work lugging a standard vac up and down the stairs. With a Central Vac System you will never have to do that again. Inlets can be positioned wherever you want them and all you need to do is plug in your hose and go. Regular vacuums have a power cord, so you are limited to whatever outlets you currently have. Lets face it, in many homes there is not always a convenient outlet to plug into, or the cord on the vac is just too short and has to be moved to another outlet halfway through cleaning. The Central Vacuum System eliminates that problem too. A specialist will help you decide key spots to put the inlets so that cleaning becomes a breeze. Another huge benefit to a Central Vacuum System is a healthier home. The quality of air inside your house will be greatly improved. Let me explain how. When you use your old standard type vacuum the dust and dirt is constantly being forced through the unit and back onto the air. Even with the high end, more expensive models with all their filtration they just don’t compare to a central system where all of those dirty allergens are carried out of the room and into a controlled central location. You will breathe easier and create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones by installing a Central Vacuum System in your home. That seems like a huge benefit to me. Another wonderful benefit to a Central Vac system is that it will greatly increase the value of your home. Your house is your biggest investment, and these days probably your safest. One of these systems can add thousands of dollars in value when you go to sell, or refinance your home. Not to mention adding to it’s marketability. If you still have any questions, feel free to call us. A Priced Rite Central Vacuum Specialist will be happy to answer your questions. A central Vacuum system can be a huge selling point. Having one installed can more than pay for itself in the long run, not to mention all of the benefits you will receive in the meantime. They can be installed in a new or existing home relatively easily and inexpensively. We will talk about that here as well.
The first step in choosing a Central Vacuum for your home is determining what size motor you will need to provide the proper amount of suction for your needs. You want a central vacuum system that is powerful enough to handle the needs of your household without going overboard. It is important to have the right amount of airflow for your system to be efficient. Several factors will play into your decision including the length and path of the tubing required. Tight bends in the central vacuum tubing can add more restriction to the flow. You should always consult with a professional when choosing what size central vacuum to buy for your situation. When choosing where to place the inlets keep in mind the length of hose you will need to reach each area of your home. While central vacuum hoses are usually very light and easy to work with, you want to make sure that you are putting inlets close enough together that you don’t have to have very long and cumbersome hoses. Take full advantage of the convenience of owning a central vacuum system and choose convenient locations for your inlets. Find out what accessories are available for the central vacuum unit that you are thinking of purchasing. The available add on’s vary from model to model. Decide what types of central vac heads you will want in advance as well as any extra features like expendable hoses. Find out what kind of central vacuum filter suits your home. Do you have pets? You may want to consider a central vac with a Hepa filter to increase the quality of the air in your home even further. Filter type is a very important factor and should always be considered in advance. Consult with a professional and find out what type of unit will be best suited to your floors. Do you have hardwood, carpeting, tile, or all of the above? Different central vac systems and accessories are better suited to different situations. Make sure you get a system that is flexible enough to handle all of your floors. Most central vacuums are quiet in operation, so that if you’re cleaning, other people don’t have to be inconvenienced. Why not find out just how quiet these cleaners are these days? When choosing a new central vacuum cleaner, it’s important to remember not to buy just based on cost. You’ll want to make sure that you have the performance you need and the features to make cleaning your home as easy and quick as possible. There’s no point spending a lot of money on something you know isn’t what you need. You might be able to fit your new cleaner yourself, or alternatively, you might need it professionally installing. Whichever you choose, if it’s done properly, then your central vacuum cleaner should provide many years of excellent cleaning performance with minimal intrusion, and make carrying a vacuum up and down stairs, or having an upstairs and downstairs cleaner, a thing of the past.

If you need more information just give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you or work with you to get what you need. Priced Rite Central Vacuum Repair Specialist takes pride in our level of customer service and support and we strive to provide you with the personal attention you deserve. We will work with you from conception and design all the way to the installation and service of your new or existing Central Vacuum System. Call us today, we are happy to help you out.