Central Vacuum System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system, sometimes referred to as a whole-house vacuum system is a built-in cleaning system with pipes that run through the interior walls of the home and are connected to a large vacuum system typically located in a garage or basement. Suction ports, which resemble electrical outlets, are installed in the walls throughout the home. Homeowners can then easily attach and detach a hose and move from room to room and vacuum up dust and dirt without hauling around a heavy, traditional vacuum.

How much does a central vacuum system cost?

The average central vacuum system can cost anywhere between $1,200.00 and $3,000.00 dollars and this amount includes installation. The total cost also depends on the unit that you choose and the size of your home. Keep in mind that a central vacuum system is an investment in your home and it will increase the overall resale value of your home.

How long does a central vacuum system last? Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system is a long lasting investment in your home. They require little maintenance and can often last and function effectively for 30 to 40 years!

What are the benefits of this type of system?

A central vacuum system is a lightweight, powerful and convenient cleaning system that is much quieter than a traditional vacuum. Central vacuum motors are three times stronger than the motors in portable vacuums, so they pick up more dirt, dust and particles and deep debris. In addition, there are no power cords, extension cords or vacuum cleaner bags to deal with. They are long lasting and require little maintenance and can outlast several portable vacuum cleaners.

Can a central vacuum system really reduce the allergens in your home?

According to Doityourself.com , a central vacuum system may reduce the allergens in your home. They state that, “With the increase in airflow, (from a central vacuum system) more dust and dander gets removed from the home, making it a cleaner and less allergenic environment.”

Are there any additional cleaning accessories available for a central vacuum system?

There are many accessories available that can target specific areas of your home.  Most accessories can be purchased either individually or as packages. There are many new items available that can be used in conjunction with your central vacuum system including carpet brushes, crush proof hoses, pet brushes, hardwood floor brushes, tools for cleaning blinds, extra wands, lint brushes, hose hangers, crevice tools, soft dusting brushes, tool caddies and tool and accessory holders.

How do I get a central vacuum system for my home?

You will need to find a knowledgeable and experienced company to help you find the central vacuum system that will work in your home. The company should have experience installing and performing maintenance on these types of systems. For a quality central vacuum system installation, contact the experts at Priced Rite Central Vacuum at 516-286-0042. They have been installing central vacuum systems for over 30 years and they are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.