Central Vacuum SystemWhile it is a well-known fact that a central vacuum system is a powerful and effective cleaning alternative to a regular vacuum cleaner and it offers numerous benefits including lightweight and convenient cleaning options, can it really save energy in your home?

Before we attempt to answer the energy savings question – let’s start by reviewing how a central vacuum system works. A central vacuum system is a built-in vacuum system where pipes run through the interior walls of the home and are connected to a large system typically located in a garage or basement. Suction ports are added to walls throughout the home, allowing the user to easily attach and detach a hose and move from room to room without hauling around a heavy and cumbersome vacuum. The waste is then collected in large canister which needs to be emptied only two to three times a year.

A central vacuum system has a much more powerful motor and stronger suction and airflow than a portable vacuum and can pick up embedded dirt, dust and debris; even microscopic particles like pollen, mold spores and dust mites. Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, which recirculates vacuumed air back into the living space and air in your home, central vacuums remove all of the of vacuumed debris from the home.

When you consider the fact that a central vacuum system is more much more powerful than a traditional vacuum, you would assume that it also uses more energy.  So if that is the case then how can that save you energy (and money) in your home?  Let’s consider the facts a little more closely.  Yes, most central vacuums do have two to three times more cleaning power than portable vacuums, therefore this deep down cleaning accompanied by the flexibility to reach areas more quickly actually reduces operating time to clean the room.  More power equals less usage and cleaning time!  Here’s where the energy savings start to make sense!

Nationally syndicated columnist James Dully writes, “The energy-saving advantage of using a central vacuum cleaner is the fact that you probably will have to vacuum less often. Since dust and dirt are captured in the central power unit located in a garage, utility room or basement, none blows through the filter and back into the room.  Therefore the room remains cleaner and needs to be vacuumed less often. ”

In addition, central vacuum motor manufacturers are also developing far more efficient motors today. The typical motor in the past had an efficiency rating of about 30 percent, they are now achieving up to 43 percent with a goal of reaching 50 percent efficiency.  This transfers a greater amount of electricity into suction power and working energy rather than just heat (which uses higher amounts of energy).

Bottom line – with three to five times the power of a portable vacuum cleaner, and more efficient motors – you are getting more suction power, which translates into more efficient cleaning, at no extra energy usage.  Add that to the long list of benefits already in place – and you may be convinced that a central vacuum system is a great investment for your home.

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