It’s no secret that a central vacuum system is an absolute benefit to your home.  It is such an easy and convenient way to vacuum and clean your home. Nothing can beat the convenience of plugging a hose into a wall to start vacuuming or the absence of heavy and cumbersome vacuum canisters to drag around!  But did you know that this already efficient and convenient cleaning system also offers some other great features?  Let’s review a few of the new features that a central vacuum system can offer.

Baseboard Vacuum Options

central vacuum systemA baseboard vacuum is a convenient feature of a central vacuum system. Also referred to as toe kick vacuums or automatic dustpans, this efficient cleaning option can completely replace the dustpan in your home!  Say goodbye to the dirt and debris that is always left behind when you are sweeping or to the dust that is released into the air every time you sweep.

If you already have a central vacuum system in your home, you can install a baseboard vacuum inlet in your kitchen’s baseboard or toe kick. The baseboard vacuum is installed flush-mounted to a wall, baseboard, or cabinet kickboard, and only turns on when you activate it. Keep in mind that while a kitchen is a popular area for a baseboard vacuum, it can be installed in any room of your home. Sweep dirt and debris into the baseboard vacuum inlet, direct the kick switch to the “on” position with your foot, sweep the dirt and debris towards the powerful suction (powered by your central vacuum unit), and watch the dirt disappear.  The Baseboard vacuum unit will suck all the dirt inside and straight to the central vacuum main unit.  When you are finished you just use your foot to close the valve and turn off the suction power. This “modern broom” is such a convenience in any room.

Hide-A-Hose Options

The Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system is another efficient option for your central vacuum system. A Hide-A-Hose eliminates the problem of carrying and storing your central vacuum hose. With this type of option, the vacuum hoses are stored within the walls and piping of the vacuum system. No more carrying, coiling and storing a bulky hose again. You simply pull the amount of hose that you need from the inlet and begin vacuuming. When you are finished vacuuming, the suction from the central vacuum power unit retracts the hose back into the PVC tubing installed within the walls of the home.  You don’t need to store or drag the hose from room to room. The hose lengths are customized for each room according to the size of the floor. This new feature has made an already convenient system – even simpler and more convenient.

If are interested in installing a central vacuum system in your home, or adding some additional features to your existing system, contact the experts at Priced Rite Central Vacuum Repair. They have been installing central vacuum systems for over 30 years and they are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. For a quality central vacuum system installation, contact the experts at Priced Rite Central Vacuum at 516-286-0042.