Regular Maintenance Can Keep your Central Vacuum System Running EffectivelyWhile central vacuum systems require little maintenance and repairs, it is a good idea to schedule routine inspections to ensure that you system is functioning properly. Most homeowners agree that a central vacuum system that works effectively and efficiently is just as important as properly functioning plumbing system. To ensure that it is working properly, you should check the system yourself and also have a professional inspect it annually.

As a homeowner there are a few things that you can do yourself to check the system. If you are having problems with reduced suction or airflow, there are several factors that may be causing the problem and several possible solutions:

  • A Full Canister or Collection Bag – Empty the canister or replace the filter bag.
  • Damaged Filter Bag – If the filter bag is torn or has a hole, you can replace the filter bag.
  • A Dirty Secondary Filter – Clean or replace the secondary filter.
  • The Exhaust Vent is Blocked or Clogged –Manually clear the debris causing the blockage.
  • Dirt Canister is not Installed Properly – Remove the canister and refasten the latches.

If you suspect that a clog may be in your vacuum hose, you can perform a simple check by unplugging the hose and dropping a marble into the hose to see if it passes through. If it does not pass through, there is a clog in the hose.  You can attempt to clear the hose by using a stiff wire or by pushing a garden hose through the vacuum hose to push any debris causing the clog out. While you may be able to solve simple problems such as clogs or reduced suction issues, other more complex issues should always be addressed by a professional.

If you find that a part needs to be replaced, contact a professional. Simple parts such as hoses or brushes may be easy to replace on your own, but if your system is not functioning properly, you should let the experts identify the problem and advise you regarding any replacement parts that may be needed for your central vacuum system. A professional central vacuum technician can fully investigate any problems that you have been experiencing and repair the problem or install the necessary replacement part.

According to, “While central vacuum systems offer strong and convenient cleaning power, these systems must be properly maintained to ensure that they function properly.   It is a wise choice to have your unit inspected annually.” To ensure that your system is always functioning properly, schedule routine maintenance services and inspections at least once a year.

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