Central Vacuum SystemMany brand new homes that are built today are equipped with a central vacuum system. This is a great selling point and a feature that many homebuyers are interested in.  There is no doubt that a central vacuum system offers a powerful and effective cleaning alternative to a regular vacuum cleaner. However, if you are not in the market for a brand new home, you should know that you can have a central system installed in your current home.   Here are ten reasons why this may be a good idea for your home and family.

  1. Convenience – No more hauling around a heavy canister or upright vacuum. Plug the hose in the wall of any room and begin vacuuming. Central vacuums also have a wide range of accessories that allow you to clean places that a traditional vacuum cannot reach. Clean floors, walls and ceilings – no other vacuum allows you that cleaning ability!
  2. Powerful Cleaning – Central vacuum motors can be up to three times stronger than the motors in portable vacuums, so they pick up more dirt, dust and particles and deep debris.
  3. Minimal Vacuum Noise – Since the motor is usually located in a garage or basement, the only noise you will hear is the air flowing through the hose.
  4. Lightweight, Flexible and Easy to use – With a central system, all you need to do is take the lightweight vacuum hose from room to room, plug it into the port and clean away! No power cords, extension cords or vacuum cleaner bags.
  5. Long Lasting – A central vacuum system outlasts several portable vacuum cleaners and requires little maintenance.
  6. Reduces the Allergens in the Air – According to the National Institute of Health, “Vacuum cleaners with a central exhaust may lead to lower airborne dust and allergen concentrations compared with regular vacuum cleaners.
  7. It Is an Investment in Your Home – The money that you spend on a central vacuum system will definitely be returned when you sell the house; a central vacuum system increases the value of your home.
  8. It Saves Energy – With three to five times the power of a portable vacuum cleaner, and more efficient motors – a central vacuum system offers more suction power, which translates into more efficient cleaning, at no extra energy usage.
  9. Many Accessory Options for Targeted Cleaning – There are many accessories available that can target specific areas of your home. Terrific accessories that can be used in conjunction with your central vacuum system include carpet brushes, crush proof hoses, pet brushes, hardwood floor brushes, tools for cleaning blinds, extra wands, lint brushes, crevice tools, soft dusting brushes and more.
  10. Built-In Dust Pan Options – A central vacuum system also offers a baseboard or broom suction option. This awesome feature allows the homeowner to sweep a pile of dirt and particles towards a section of the baseboard – then they flip a switch and the built in port will suck up the dirt!

If you are convinced of all of the benefits of a central vacuum system and you are interested in an installation for your home, contact Priced Rite Central Vacuum Repair. For a quality central vacuum system installation, contact the experts at Priced Rite Central Vacuum at 516-286-0042. They have been installing central vacuum systems for over 30 years and they are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.