Vacuum Repair Long Island

Vacuum Repair Long IslandPriced Rite Central Vacuum Repair is a reliable vacuum repair and installation company that has been in business on Long Island for over 30 years. We can assist you with all of your cleaning needs for your Long Island home or business.  Customers trust Priced Rite Repair for all of their vacuum parts, installations and servicing.

If your vacuums’ in need of repair in your Long Island home or business, then Priced Rite Repair can assist you. Our experienced technicians have experience performing repairs, installations and many other vacuum services. We always offer an accurate estimate of the cost of the repairs that may be needed.  The experts at Priced Rite can professionally and efficiently diagnose any problem with your cleaning system, and provide you with the parts you need for the vacuum repair.  In addition, Priced Rite Repair carries a large inventory of parts to assist with the necessary vacuum repair in your Long Island home or business.

In addition to vacuum repair, we can also perform routine maintenance on your Long Island vacuum system. Priced Rite Central Vacuum Services provides parts service and vacuum repair for all of the major brands including Electrolux, Air Vac, Beam, Vacuflo, Eureka Fasco, Hayden and more.  So in addition to vacuum repair services, you can trust Priced Rite for vacuum installations and all related services.

Customers that are in need of qualified and experienced technicians for a vacuum repair for their Long Island home should look no further than Priced Rite Central Repair.  Our professional and experience staff has the knowledge and expertise to repair all makes and models of central cleaning systems.

If your cleaning system is old and outdated and you are in need of much more than a vacuum repair, you may be interested in purchasing a new cleaning system for your Long Island home or business. If you are looking to install a central cleaning system in your Long Island home, contact Priced Rite.  We offer professional, affordable central vacuum installations in homes and businesses on Long Island and in the surrounding areas. We can recommend the best central cleaning system for your Long Island home as well a system that will absolutely fit your budget.  The whole installation process will cause little disturbance or inconvenience, and it may be completed in only one day!

So if you are shopping for a central cleaning system or you are in need of a vacuum repair in your Long Island home or business, contact Priced Rite Repair at 516-286-0042.  We can install a new system, perform a vacuum repair or any necessary maintenance services to your Long Island central cleaning system. With over three decades of experience, Priced Rite is a reliable and dependable business with many satisfied customers.